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We always want to get the best life out of the things we buy; who wants to spend their hard-earned money on something that ends up falling apart as soon as you start using it?! Sadly, there are stove installers out there who are simply looking for a quick buck, we want to help you to avoid them! When looking for your perfect stove, make sure to look for the perfect installer and check for recognised qualifications such as HETAS.

What is HETAS

HETAS is the national organisation working for consumer safety. They make sure any biomass and other solid fuels are safe, efficient and environmentally responsible. HETAS is the leading supplier of training for fuel retailers, suppliers, installers and maintenance. 

Why buy HETAS registered stoves?

When you buy from a HETAS registered company, the product you receive will have been assessed and approved by HETAS. The installer themselves will also have been assessed, assuring that they meet the high standards expected of them. 

HETAS approved

Stoves Burning Wood clients receive the best quality stove and flue. Find out all of the companies approved by HETAS here.

Looking for a new stove to install at home?

Here are a few of our hand-picked stoves that will look great in your home. 

Aduro – 5-1 Inset Wood Burning Stove

Minimalist built-in stove with a straight front and large glass door to give an impressive view of the fire. The handles are cleverly integrated to allow the stove to appear as a single flat surface. The insulation of the combustion chamber is made of cast vermiculite to augment the stove’s minimalist design. The built-in stove is both a prominent feature of the room and superbly integrated. Suitable for building into both existing and new fireplaces. Be spellbound by the flames with this impressive built-in stove.
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Di Lusso – Eco R6

The Di Lusso range brings flexibility to your fingertips, with complete control over your room temperature, something many other fires are unable to offer The Di Lusso Eco R6 really is the king of stoves, thanks to its effortless contemporary styling and innovative, next-generation technology. Its sleek lines and smooth finish will set off any room, creating a stunning focal point that will wow friends and family alike. The R6 is our best selling Di Lusso stove.
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Klover – Wave 90 – Pellet Stove

Front panel and top in cast iron. Panelling with special shaping. Top with connection for top outlet. Safety sensors on door and tank. Self-cleaning burner. WiFi supplied as standard
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