Research is key when finding your dream stove where many wonderful memories around the fire will take place. Stoves Burning Wood provides all the information you should have in one place. If you have any additional questions, The Wise Lady, Calm Under Pressure, The Boss, and the Man of All Knowledge are here to help. Find out how they received their nicknames before you speak with them.

The Wise Lady – Sharon

Imagine raising a family (including a husband) for over 30 years. Not only is Sharon a fantastic mother and wife, but she has also been named The Wise Lady. Metaphorically speaking, she is the Gatekeeper to all the hidden realms of the family business.

Calm Under Pressure – Sasha

‘What would I do without you?!’ – If you are a person that says that, you’d be directing it at Sasha, especially with stove enquiries. A tabletop isn’t as level as Sasha, every question is answered and challenges successfully met, even after the 50th repeat. Meet Calm Under Pressure, calmly preventing any melt-downs.

The Boss – Phil

The Boss, a proud dad who kick-started his kids’ greener, cleaner heating vision by selling wood-burning stoves. He now proclaims himself as The Boss for this reason, perhaps he’s also a big Bruce Springsteen fan as well? You’ll easily identify him around the shop located in the Scottish Highlands with a cup of coffee in hand. Don’t be shy though, you’ll become best buddies in no time! They should actually call him the GFB, the Great Friendly Boss…

Man of All Knowledge – Jools

There are stories and myths of a phone somewhere in the UK that never stops ringing, this tale started with Jools. Thanks to his fantastic knowledge of stoves and greener heating solutions, Jools will never be able to complain about having no one call him. The Man of All Knowledge provides all information about stoves whenever and wherever. Some say his brain is made of Stoves Burning Wood. If Jools ever saves the day for you, you’ll enjoy a simple beer together. If he does the opposite, take him for the most extravagant Pina-Coladas you know! 

Now that you know the backstories on how the Stoves Burning Wood team received their nicknames, why don’t you look through our selection of ecodesign stoves.

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