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Opus – Aria Wood Burning Stove

The Opus Aria lovely 5 kW, EcoDesign Ready stove with the handle matching the height of the door.  The Aria is a bit more compact than the other Cylindrics and so can fit where other stoves cannot.


Opus – Melody LS – Wood Burning Stove

The Melody LS has the same clean modern look but includes a log store for that evening’s fuel.

Opus – Melody – Wood Burning Stove

Our classic 5kW model, the Melody, is a beautiful and highly controllable Woodburner. Its elegant clean lines and curved glass make this a classic piece of design.

Opus – Tempo 60 – Wood Burning Stove

The Opus Tempo 60 is the smallest of the Opus Cubic stoves. It has the same classic lines and design, a big window to give an excellent view of the fire. With low emissions and high efficiency, this stove is also EcoDesign Ready ahead.


Opus – Tempo 70 – Wood Burning Stove

The Opus Tempo 70 has one of the largest glass areas of any 5kW stove, allow you an even bigger view of the fabulous flame patterns within.


Opus – Tempo 70 F – Wood Burning Stove

The Tempo 70 F has sides which extend right down to form legs, lifting the stove higher up off the ground. A stunning stove with a fabulous flame pattern.


Opus – Melody GLS – Wood Burning Stove

The full glass fronted door lends a deep black lustre to the front of the Melody GLS, which contrasts well with the logs in the store underneath.

Opus – TRIO – Wood Burning Stove

Extra glimpses of flame entice and attract. Choose the Trio for a wonderfully wide view of the flames through the three windows.

Opus – Melody G – Wood Burning Stove

The single curved glass window extends to the very edge of the door. This results in a gently reflective surface, framed by rich black.

Opus – Tempo 80 – Wood Burning Stove

Available with a variety of display options the Tempo 80 is a lovely stove which can kick out the heat when needed.


Opus – Tempo 100i – Wood Burning Stove

A window of fire in the wall. Throw a couple of logs on, snuggle into the sofa and lose yourself in the ever-changing pattern of the flames


Opus – Tempo 100 – Wood Burning Stove

However big the room, a Tempo 100 will fill it with firelight, warmth and laughter. As the flames flicker and the logs crackle, the cares and worries of the cold world outside soon begin to melt away.


Opus – Calypso Wood Burning Stove


The Opus Calypso is a stunning contemporary woodburning boiler stove. In a well-insulated small to medium-sized house the Calypso should be able to provide a decent proportion of heat and hot water during the heating season.