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Avalon – Avalon 5 Compact Wood-Burning

The best-looking compact stove in the county? I should say. The Avalon Compact 5 is outrageously good-looking. But there’s more to it than that. The Avalon Compact 5 features Tripleburn technology – three streams of air to provide a super-efficient burn. This is one petite package with a lot to offer. Fit it into the smallest space, and enjoy up to 5.5kW of feet-warming heat. Perfect for country cottages and city lofts. Put on your dressing gown and toast the crumpets!

Avalon – Avalon 4 Wood-Burning

Well-groomed and hard-working – you don’t see that often. You’ll be surprised by the ingenious workings of this cunning contraption. Avalon 4 has loads of charisma – and the performance of a Rolls. It belts out up to 6kW and uses less fuel than old models. A hot airwash means you needn’t trouble the butler to clean it as often, and the cool-touch handle enables easy operation. You have a choice of wood or solid fuel, allowing you to optimise your heating system (and fuel bills). Jolly clever stuff, eh?

Avalon – Avalon 5 Slimline Wood-Burning

Enjoy a little bit of the high life. For rooms with a narrow hearth, the Avalon 5 Slimline is an ideal choice. It is also our Best Selling Avalon model. This room heater retains the efficiency and output of an ampler model, so you can still enjoy a generous warmth on those cold winter nights. Boasting advanced stove technology for maximised combustion, this is a wonderfully eco-friendly option too.

Avalon – Avalon 6 Wood-Burning

There are moments in life when everything goes right. And you can enjoy plenty of those moments beside this delightfully informal fire (as long as you don’t have guests). It’s a roaring, family-sized fire – with a contemporary look and all-new technology. Providing up to 7.5kW, with lower-than-ever emissions, this is a stove that’s as kind to the environment as it is to your cold tootsies. Gather the family (or banish them from the room) and get comfy!

Avalon – Avalon 8 Slimline Wood-Burning

With a low CO Emission of 0.25% the Avalon 8 Slimline not only looks amazing but is also environmentally friendly. What's not to love?

Avalon – Avalon 4 Wood-Burning Double Sided Single Depth

One of the first, a DEFRA approved double-sided stove! This model is available as either a multifuel or Woodburner as is the entire Avalon range and is more than capable of keeping your home nice and warm,

Avalon – Avalon 4 Wood-Burning Double Sided Double Depth

Perfect for open fireplaces, this stove creates a focal point across two rooms in your home. This DEFRA approved double-sided stove will give you an output of up to 11kW. Providing you with a nice cosy home with no impact to the environment.