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Parkray – Chevin 5 – Inset Stove

77.1% efficient. That means you're getting a better return on your fuel costs, and less wasted energy. Emissions are low: DEFRA has approved the Chevin Inset 5 for the Smoke Control Areas. There's no doubt that this stove is one of our best performers - and it's an excellent contender to replace a gas fireplace.

Parkray – Chevin 20B – Inset Boiler Stove

If your central heating system is out-dated, uninviting or getting in the way of your everyday life then our new Chevin Central heating stove is the solution. Instead of a space-consuming boiler a stunning inset fire drives your central heating and what's more comforting than real flames? With an impressive 10.4kW boiler and a cosy 5.1kW to your room, it's guaranteed to keep you snug all winter long.