There is always a solution to a challenge at home, especially if you want to install a wood-burning stove! Our twin wall flue allows your room to include the stove that you fell in love with. Install your stove in almost all domestic spaces, so long as it conforms to building regulations.

How does it work

The inner part of the flue consists of a dense, mineral insulation and at 25mm in depth, it provides reliable and consistent flue performance. Both internally and externally, the flue is fully welded with 304-grade stainless steel which is 0.4mm thick.

The Twin Wall chimney system at Stoves Burning Wood comes with a 25-year guarantee. It’s known for its high quality, and exceptional thermal capabilities to temperatures as high as 600°C. The flue also has hidden locking bands with up to 1.9 meters of lateral support, making it the most professional finish for your new chimney. 

Your perfect colour

Our flue can be purchased in black, white and grey.  A powder-coating is applied to ensure UV protection, making it ideal for external use. 

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