Selecting the right wood-fuel can ensure that your wood-burning stove remains efficient, economic and future proof. Not only that, but you can become an eco-warrior by selecting our recommended wood. Did you know that wood can be a ‘carbon lean’ fuel? Trees take in as much CO2 in its lifetime as it releases when it’s burned correctly.

What does correct wood burning mean

Imagine making a cup of tea with your kettle. The more water you fill into your kettle, the longer it will take to boil. More energy will be used and more steam will be produced to brew your tea.

You can compare this with your firewood. More heat is used to evaporate the water in wet wood instead of putting that heat into the room. This doesn’t only blacken and damage the chimney, it also produces excessive amounts of smoke and particulates that are associated with air pollution.

What wood to look for

The ideal wood to use in a stove is seasoned and dry. When shopping for wood, look for “Ready to Burn” on the tin. This is the biggest stamp of approval to suppliers who’s wood meets European Standards. To make matters easier, Woodsure is the company that is extremely active with the Ready To Burn logo.

Modern effective stoves

The stoves that you will find at Stoves Burning Wood are highly engineered. They come with innovative and effective methods to make your wood-burning efficient and as clean as possible. Look after your stove by feeding it with fuel products that have the “Ready to Burn” logo on it.

We at Stoves Burning Wood are proud to promote products and certification that aids in getting everyone one step closer to better air quality and better fuel economy. 

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