Want to save money, time, and effort on heating? Choosing an Aduro stove with Aduro-tronic is how you can do it.

What is Aduro-tronic?

Aduro-tronic automatically controls the primary air supply, therefore you don’t have to regulate the combustion. 

All you need to do is dry wood in the stove, light it up and activate the automatic control feature. It’s really simple and efficient.

How does Aduro-tronic save me money?

Think about how much wood you use, now imagine using up to 40% less wood per hour. This has been tested using the same stove, one using Aduro-tronic and the other, manually. 

With Aduro-tronic you get:

  • Improved comfort and easy use – the wood-burning stove regulates the primary air itself
  • More heat for your money
  • A clean and environmentally friendly combustion – minimum discharge of particles.
  • A simple solution for greater enjoyment

More about Aduro

Aduro develops and produces premium wood-burning stoves in a modern Danish design. The company has been specialising in developing highly engineered stoves with advanced combustion. Aduro stoves are known for their high quality and user-friendliness. More than 300.000 Aduro stoves are installed all over Europe making the brand very trustworthy.


Aduro – 19 Wood Burning Stove

£943.96 £786.63

Aduro 19 is a simple and efficient convection stove. The stove’s rounded sides combined with a flat front ensure a rigorous design. Aduro 19 is equipped with a practical firewood storage compartment.


Aduro – 14 Wood Burning Stove

£1,057.22 £881.02
Aduro 14 combines sheet iron and cast iron in a simple and clear-cut cubist design. Sheet iron is ideal for the smooth surfaces and sharp corners, forming a striking contrast to the sturdy, rustic cast iron of the door. The stern but harmonious expression is completed by the integrated, roomy storage space, which is the perfect place to keep fire irons. Further features of this stove are its spacious combustion chamber, simple operation and super combustion.

Aduro – 16 Wood Burning Stove

£1,200.00 £1,000.00

This wood burning stove is designed for the UK market. With Aduro 16 it is possible to transform an old fireplace into an environmentally friendly and efficient heat source.


Aduro – 1-1 Wood Burning Stove

£1,704.02 £1,420.02
Aduro 1.1 is the embodiment of cosy, crackling warmth, and its clean lines will fit into any home. The round shape makes for a serene, harmonious stove as a natural extension of the shape of the chimney. To underline this, the front is completely smooth, with the door handle and the air-regulating handles fully integrated into the stove.

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