Get rid of fossil fuels and move onto something cleaner

Sasha McMahon

Welcome to the first of many blog posts on cleaner greener heating trends and insights with a spice of fun. Find all there is to know about Stoves Burning Wood.

We’re a stove company with a different kind of message… We believe that you should feel like an eco-warrior when remodelling your living room

Sasha McMahon

Whether you are starting your search or already sitting by the fire whilst reading this, we want you to know everything about stoves that burn wood. We believe choosing your stove should be easy.  That’s why we provide all the necessary information for you to make the right decision that best suits your home.

At Stoves Burning Wood, you’re speaking with a character-filled McMahon family based in the Scottish Highlands that has over a decade of supplying and installing wood-fired central heating. 

You’ll fall in love with the Stoves Burning Wood team. Individually they are best known as “Calm Under Pressure”, “Man of all Knowledge”,  “Wise one” and “The Boss”. The nicknames might make you think, what does this have to do with my stove selection?

Your stove selection and learning will take place in an energetic and warm atmosphere with a team answering all questions and concerns personally. Browse through a large selection of unique eco-friendly stoves and never feel lost. At the end, warm your home knowing that you are helping the planet achieve a greener tomorrow.

Become part of the Stove Owners Club and stay up to date with the latest trends, promotions, and improve your stove knowledge. Also, connect with other stove owners in an enthusiastic environment and exchange experiences and tips by joining the Stove Owners Club Facebook group. 

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